Hard Banding
Internal Plastic Coating (IPC)
Drill Pipe International offers Drill Pipe with JSU-3. It's designed to protect drill pipe with excellent resistance to a wide range of chemical environment under high temperature and pressure. The system offers improved hydraulics, while extending the useful life of the drill pipe assembly. Drilling through formations up to 350º F is possible with maintained circulation.
Performance characteristic of JSU-3
Coating Description Drill pipe
Type Powder-epoxy Novalac
Color Green
Temperature See note below in limited service
Applied Thickness 8-20 mils
Pressure upto yield strength of pipe
Primary service Natural and synthetic drilling muds and completion fluids
Primary applications Drill pipe coating for corrosion protection , scale mitigation and hydraulic efficiency.
Limited service Note: JSU-3 will withstand all temperatures upto 350 Deg F during drilling provided circuation is maintained.
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