"Premium Quality, Competitive Price, & Shortest Delivery"
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Premium Quality, Competitive Price, & Shortest Delivery
  With every new objective, the organization has been continuously expanding, integrating, amalgamating and growing in new direction. Drill Pipe International LLC has started drill pipe manufacturing operation in Minneapolis, MN.
With the unbeatable combination of Upset machine, HT Furnace, Tool Joint Mfg plant, Friction welding, Post Weld HT, MPI, UT, Finishing facility i.e. M&B, Hardbinding, Internal Plastic coating (IPC), and Balancing Equipments. Drill Pipe International, LCC is perfectly positioned to cater to the varied demands of Downhole equipments in domestic and International markets as well.
Superior business ethics ... high quality products technology , proactive marketing competitive pricing ... timely deliveries ... these are just a few of the factors that create value for our customers and contribute towards our success in the marketplace. And our customers are happy to come back to us - time and time again.
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